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Complete Asbestos Management Services

Knight Specialist Services Ltd. provide a complete asbestos management service to ensure that clients fully comply with their duty to manage under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

This involves not only locating the presence of asbestos and carrying out any remedial actions that are required, but knowing how to manage the materials on an on-going basis. We are able to manage all stages of any asbestos remediation work which is required as part of the project. It also includes removing licensed and non-licensed asbestos and managing your scheme from initial Asbestos Survey through to hand over of Analytical Paperwork confirming an asbestos free building.

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The management process involves the following:

  • Asbestos Survey to locate, identify and record all known asbestos within the building.
  • Manage the safe removal of all asbestos within the building identified within the survey.
  • Provide the Client with Clean Air/Re-occupation Certification on completion of the works, confirming an asbestos free building.

Assessment and Asbestos Management

We first provide an assessment of the Asbestos presence and how best to manage the handling or removal of it where necessary.

Priority Assessments

Initially this requires a material assessment. This will tell you the Severity of the Risk posed by each of the suspect materials. The next step is another test called the Priority Assessment, which will establish the Likelihood of an incident occurring with each of the ACMs.

The Priority Assessment must be carried out, at least in part, by the Duty Holder because, while the Duty Holder can nominate someone else to do all or part of the work, the legal responsibility cannot be delegated. It can be useful for the person who carried out the survey to assist with the Priority Assessment.

Risk Assessments

The Severity of the risk of each Asbestos containing material, established in the Material Assessment, is used with the Likelihood of the risk, established by the Priority Assessment, to generate individual Risk Assessments for each material.

The Risk Assessments can then be used to decide what action to take, from immediate removal to annual monitoring.

Asbestos Management Plan

The Asbestos Management Plan is produced from the actions detailed in the Risk Assessment. This plan will include details of what is to happen to each of the asbestos containing materials, when it is going to happen, who is responsible for each action and to whom those people are accountable.

Monitor and Review (Reinspections)

If your asbestos survey and register shows that your building contains ACMs, then these materials will have to be reviewed, typically, annually.

Usually this involves a reinspection of the ACMs identified in the asbestos register to check the Material Assessment is still applicable. This process is then followed through the Priority Assessment, Risk Assessments and Management Plan, to ensure that everything is up to date and operational.

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