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by | Sep 26, 2023

glossop farm

Client: Commercial Agent

Project: Asbestos Survey Glossop to large asbestos clad sheds in Glossop. Asbestos cement roof, asbestos cement side cladding and asbestos rope identified.

Location:   Asbestos Surveys and Asbestos Testing in Glossop

Duration:  1 Day Asbestos Survey & Testing Glossop

Knight Specialist Services Ltd understand thay Asbestos surveys and asbestos demolition work are critical for identifying and safely removing asbestos-containing materials from buildings to protect both workers and residents.

Asbestos surveys typically involve inspecting buildings to assess the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). This information is crucial for property buyers and owners to make informed decisions about asbestos-related risks and necessary remediation. Check out our RECENT WORK

Asbestos demolition work must be carried out by trained professionals following strict safety guidelines to prevent the release of asbestos fibers into the environment, which can be harmful when inhaled. It’s essential to follow local regulations and safety protocols when handling asbestos.

If you have specific questions or need information related to asbestos surveys, demolition, or any other related topic, please feel free to contact Knight Specialist Services Lrd on 0161 333 0767, and we will do our best to assist you.

Refurbishment surveys are particularly crucial when renovating or making substantial changes to a building, as they help identify and manage asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) before any work begins. Here are some important points to consider when conducting asbestos refurbishment surveys:

  1. Preventing Exposure: Refurbishment work can potentially disturb ACMs, releasing hazardous asbestos fibers into the air. A refurbishment survey helps identify the location and condition of ACMs, allowing for proper removal or containment before any renovation work starts, thus preventing asbestos exposure.
  2. Legal Requirements: In the UK, refurbishment surveys are legally required before any significant refurbishment or demolition work. Complying with these regulations is essential to avoid legal issues and protect the health and safety of workers and occupants.
  3. Comprehensive Inspection: Refurbishment surveys are more intrusive than management surveys and involve a thorough inspection of all areas where refurbishment work will take place. This includes destructive testing and sampling to ensure a comprehensive assessment. We at Knight Specialist Services are you experts for this service.
  4. Professional Expertise: It’s crucial to have trained and experienced professionals conduct refurbishment surveys. This ensures accurate identification of ACMs and proper documentation, which is essential for safety compliance.
  5. Safe Removal or Management: Depending on the findings of the refurbishment survey, you’ll need to develop a plan for safe ACM removal or management. This should be carried out by licensed asbestos removal specialists or experts.
  6. Clear Reporting: A detailed report is an important outcome of the survey. It should clearly outline the locations and conditions of ACMs, along with recommendations for their safe handling or removal.
  7. Safety Measures During Work: If ACMs are found and need to be removed during refurbishment, strict safety measures must be in place to protect workers and occupants. This includes proper containment, protective equipment, and disposal procedures. Knight Specialist Services Ltd can guide you on any safety measures required.
  8. Communication: Knight Specialist Services Ltd ensure Effective communication with all parties involved in the refurbishment project is vital. This includes contractors, workers, building owners, and regulatory authorities.


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