Affordable Asbestos Survey in Buxton | Peace of Mind for Comfort

by | Sep 22, 2023

front of the property in buxton
asbestos textured coating to the ceiling

Client:  Private Homeowner

Project: Asbestos Survey in Buxton to a Private Dwelling – Instruction by the Client included inspection and testing to all Ground Floor Ceilings

Location:   Asbestos Surveys and Asbestos Testing Buxton

Duration:  1 Day Asbestos Survey & Testing

Why Choose Knight Specialist Services Ltd for Your Asbestos Survey in Buxton, High Peak? Check out our Case Studies HERE

  1. Proximity and Responsiveness: Knight Specialist Services Ltd is situated just a stone’s throw away from Buxton, in Hyde, Cheshire. This proximity ensures that our team can be on your premises in the shortest time possible. Being nearby means we can be more responsive to your immediate needs, ensuring a seamless communication channel throughout the process.

  2. Safety is Our Bedrock: In the world of asbestos, safety isn’t just a consideration; it’s a non-negotiable. At Knight Specialist Services Ltd, we prioritise your safety above all else. Our highly trained specialists adhere to the latest industry standards and protocols, ensuring that every survey is conducted meticulously to eliminate potential risks.

  3. Market Competitiveness: We understand that in today’s fast-paced business environment, quality services should also be cost-effective. We pride ourselves on offering a competitive pricing structure without compromising on the high standards we set for our services. You get unparalleled quality without breaking the bank.

  4. Holistic Asbestos Solutions: With Knight Specialist Services Ltd, you’re not just getting an asbestos survey. We provide a comprehensive, one-stop shop for all your asbestos-related needs. From initial assessments to removal or mitigation strategies, our expertise spans the entire spectrum, ensuring you have everything you need under one roof.

  5. Reputation and Trust: As the High Peak region develops and modernizes, the challenge of asbestos management becomes ever more critical. Trust in a firm that has a robust track record, bolstered by numerous satisfied clients. Our reputation in the field speaks to the care, precision, and dedication we bring to every project.

  6. Tailored Solutions: Every building, every client, and every asbestos situation is unique. At Knight Specialist Services Ltd, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We invest time in understanding your specific needs, providing tailored solutions that best fit your circumstances.

When it comes to asbestos surveys in Buxton, High Peak, there’s no better choice than Knight Specialist Services Ltd. Our blend of expertise, dedication to safety, and commitment to client satisfaction sets us apart in the industry. Choose us, and you’re choosing peace of mind.

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📚 The Duty to Manage Asbestos

  • Legal Requirement: The Duty to Manage Asbestos is a legal requirement under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, encompassing non-domestic premises, including commercial shops.
  • Responsibilities: Duty holders are responsible for managing asbestos risks within these premises to protect occupants and workers.
  • Regulatory Bodies:In addition to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), other regulatory bodies, such as the Environment Agency (EA) and local authorities, may be involved in asbestos management.


🔗 HSE and Other Regulatory Bodies

  • HSE Website: For detailed information on the Duty to Manage Asbestos, visit the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website: HSE Asbestos Guidance.
  • Environment Agency (EA): The EA oversees the disposal of asbestos waste and enforces environmental regulations. Visit the Environment Agency for more information.
  • Local Authorities: Local authorities may have specific regulations related to asbestos management. Consult your local council for relevant guidance.

🏙️ Knight Specialist Services Ltd in Buxton

  • Strategic Location: Knight Specialist Services Ltd is strategically positioned, being only a 10-minute drive from Stalybridge.
  • Local Presence: Their proximity to Stalybridge ensures quick and efficient asbestos survey services tailored to the specific needs of the area.

We use a specialised UKAS Accredited for all Asbestos Testing, the Laboratory we use which is local is TVS Analysis Ltd