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by | Mar 5, 2024

Affordable Asbestos Survey Manchester | Testing & Sampling

Client: Asbestos Survey for Investment Fund Company to a large 5 storey mill at 8 Minshull Street, Manchester

The Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Survey involved the Asbestos Inspection and Testing to a large 5 Storey Mill Building.  Minshull Street Building.  The former Essential Nightclub to the right elevation three floors.  The remainder of the building was split into office space, storage and a former textile mill.  Asbestos Insulating Board was identified throughout the property. Old Asbestos Toilet Cisterns wer evident on each floor. Asbestos cement was also inspected as part of the asbestos testing to the old mill.

Affordable Asbestos Survey Manchester | Testing & Sampling

There are different types of asbestos materials that can be hidden out of sight. Futhermore, some are more visible to the eye, some examples would include;-

Asbestos Cement, Asbestos in Artex, Floor Tiles with Asbestos, Artex with Asbestos, Asbestos Ceiling Panels,   Artex on Walls, Asbestos in Cement, Asbestos Plaster, Asbestos in Plaster, Cement Asbestos, Asbestos Insulating Board, Asbestos Thermal Insulation, Loose Fill Asbestos, Asbestos Mattresses, Sprayed Limpet Asbestos.  

building in manchester asbestos survey
asbestos testing in manchester to 5 storey building
asbestos insulating board
Asbestos Cement Panel

Affordable Asbestos Survey Manchester | Testing & Sampling


Asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys are critical processes designed to identify and manage asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). Undertaken before significant renovation or demolition work takes place. These surveys are essential in the United Kingdom, where the presence of asbestos in older structures is common and strict regulations govern its safe removal and disposal.

The primary purpose of a refurbishment and demolition survey is to locate and assess all potential ACMs. Within the areas of the building that will be affected by refurbishment or demolition activities. This includes areas that might be inaccessible during a standard management survey. As these hidden ACMs can pose a significant risk when disturbed.

Qualified asbestos surveyors like Knight Specialist Services Ltd conduct the affordable asbestos survey in your Area.  We take samples from suspected materials and analysing them in accredited laboratories to confirm the presence of asbestos. Mike Knight also assesses the condition of the identified ACMs, which is crucial in determining the appropriate removal or encapsulation procedures to be followed.

We not only carry out Affordable Asbestos Survey Manchester.  We carryout Single Sampling of Asbestos for as little as £150.00 including VAT. Manchester is a stone throw away from us, with our team being located in Gee Cross, Hyde.  Asbestos Testing is crucial to determine if Asbestos Materials are present in your commercial property in Manchester. Or your Home in Manchester. We can put your mind at ease and have an Asbestos Tester in Manchester within 10 minutes. We can then, inspect the suspect asbestos material, sample and provide you with an asbestos report and asbestos test result within 24 hours.

In Conclusion;-

🏙️ Knight Specialist Services Ltd carryout Asbestos Surveys in Manchester

We use a specialised UKAS Accredited for all Asbestos Analysis, the Laboratory we use is TVS Analysis Ltd

We are able to have a specialised Trained Asbestos Surveyor with you the next day.

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