gatehouse at heywood distribution park

Client: Asbestos Survey Middleton, Manchester

Project: Asbestos Survey Middleton to the Large Gatehouse at Heywood Distrubution Park for a Main Contractor. No Asbestos Detected on Site

Knight Specialist Services Ltd: Your Trusted Asbestos Surveyors in Middleton, Manchester, and Beyond

In the bustling heart of Middleton, Manchester, and its picturesque suburbs, Knight Specialist Services Ltd is your premier partner for comprehensive asbestos surveys. With a steadfast commitment to safety, we ensure your property remains asbestos-free.

💼 Asbestos Surveys Starting from £299.00

Concerned about the cost? Our asbestos surveys begin at a competitive £299.00. We believe that protecting your property should be affordable without compromising on quality, ensuring peace of mind for all.

🕒 Rapid Response, Daily Availability

Time is of the essence, and we respect that. We pride ourselves on our swift response, being with you within 10 minutes when you need us. Our dedicated surveyors are on the ground daily in the Manchester area, ready to assist with all your asbestos management requirements.

🎓 Meet Mike Knight, Your Senior Asbestos Surveyor

Mike Knight, our senior asbestos surveyor, is your trusted advisor on all asbestos-related matters. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, he leads our team in providing expert guidance and precise assessments.

🔍 Precision and Expertise

At Knight Specialist Services Ltd, we leave no room for uncertainty. Our surveys are meticulously conducted, ensuring every nook and cranny is thoroughly examined. We’re your vigilant guardians, dedicated to your safety.

🏡 Protecting Your Property

Our mission is clear: to make your property a sanctuary of safety in Middleton, Manchester, and its suburbs. We are here to address your asbestos concerns comprehensively, so you can rest assured that your space remains asbestos-free.

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Ready to take proactive steps towards a safer property? Contact Knight Specialist Services Ltd today, and let us work together to uphold safety standards in Middleton, Manchester, and its suburbs. Your safety is our priority. #ManchesterAsbestosExperts #SafetyFirst #ProfessionalSurveys

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