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Asbestos Survey Staffordshire

Asbestos Management Survey carried out at 30 Buxton Road, Leek, Staffordshire – A Former Podiatry Therapy Treatment. The property is a mid terrace two storey commercial property.  The estate agent dealing with the property was Whittaker and Briggs

Do you live in the Leek and Staffordshire Area and require and asbestos survey, either an asbestos management survey or an asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey (R&D Asbestos Survey). Bolton Asbestos Surveys.

Here at Knight Specialist Services Ltd, Mike Knight the Director is fully certified to P402 Asbestos Surveying in Buildings and also NEBOSH Health and Safety Qualified, giving you piece of mind for your asbestos surveying requirements in Staffordshire

Asbestos Surveys in Leek start from £299.00 + the small fee for the samples.  We have carried out Asbestos Testing in Leek for over 10 years with all kinds of premises being subject to survey i.e. schools, hospitals, single dwellings, office blocks, asbestos garages and one off Asbestos Sampling in Staffordshire to specific areas in a property requested by a Client.

We work with a wide array of Clients from small business owners, private property owners, developers, design and build contractors, architects and quantity surveyors to name a few. Check out our Case Study Page of Asbestos Surveys completed over the last 10 years – Click HERE

We are a small family run business located in Stockport and carry out asbestos surveys throughout the Leek and Staffordshire Area.

Whether you require an Asbestos Management Survey or an Asbestos R&D Survey, we are here to help you and can also provide you with budget cost following the survey report issue.

We are regularly working with homeowners, solicitor and estate agents to carry out Asbestos Homebuyer Surveys in Staffordshire to identify any asbestos that may be hidden in a property, which will have an impact on any future renovations on your property.

If you would like to obtain and cost for your asbestos survey in Staffordshire then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0161 333 0767.

Mike provides a local friendly and honest service for Asbestos Surveys in Staffordshire

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Common use of asbestos in residential properties in Leek, Staffordshire

Inside an older standard dwelling built before 2000 you might find asbestos typically around he following areas:

As Insulation – so around water tanks, on pipework, as loose fill insulation, around a boiler or inside an airing cupboard.

Asbestos can also be present in a partition wall, in a fuse box or behind a fireplace. Sometimes it has been used as decorative ceiling coating, for example Artex.

Outside a property you might find asbestos around the roof – on soffits, gutters or downpipes. It is very common in the form or corrugated asbestos cement roofing on garages, and sometimes window panels.

Common use of asbestos in commercial properties in Leek and Staffordshire

Industrial properties tend to have more asbestos use – especially where more pipework is present. Sprayed asbestos can be found on columns, beams, walls and ceilings. Also partition walls, floor and ceiling tiles and fire doors can contain asbestos.

Asbestos has also been used around toilet cisterns and seats, and also in some fire retardant textiles. You might also find it on flues.

Do you suspect you may have asbestos present in your Leek Property and are planning works?

Speak to Knight Specialist Services and we can advise the best type of asbestos survey to suit your project.

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