Asbestos Survey Blackburn 5 Bay Unit
Asbestos Survey Blackburn

Project:    Asbestos Testing Blackburn

The Asbestos Management Survey was to a large 5 Bay Asbestos and Metal Clad Roof Industrial Units, including Engineers Workshops, Offices, Factory Area, Ancillary Blocks and Roof Spaces.  Asbestos Identified included but not limited to;- Asbestos floor tiles, asbestos gaskets, asbestos sink pads, asbestos cement roof sheets, asbestos board, asbestos vinyl. The Asbestos Inspection had to be undertaken in a busy live factory environment, working around the clients team.  

Tensar Manufacturing Plant in Blackburn:

Tensar, a renowned name in the manufacturing industry, operates a significant manufacturing plant in Blackburn, Lancashire. This state-of-the-art facility specializes in producing innovative ground improvement and soil stabilization solutions. With a commitment to engineering excellence, Tensar has established itself as a global leader in geosynthetic technology.

The plant in Blackburn plays a crucial role in manufacturing geogrid products that are used in various construction and civil engineering projects. These geogrids are designed to reinforce soil, improve ground stability, and enhance the performance of roadways, railways, retaining walls, and other infrastructure developments.

Knight Specialist Services’ Asbestos Management Survey for Tensar Blackburn:

Knight Specialist Services Ltd, a trusted asbestos surveying company, was entrusted with the vital task of conducting an Asbestos Management Survey at Tensar’s sprawling manufacturing plant in Blackburn. This survey formed a pivotal component of Tensar’s comprehensive health, safety, and quality protocol.

Importance of Asbestos Management Surveys:

Asbestos Management Surveys are indispensable in ensuring the safety and well-being of a facility’s occupants and workers. Asbestos, once a widely used construction material, is now known to pose severe health risks when its fibers become airborne and are inhaled. These risks include asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

The importance of Asbestos Management Surveys lies in their ability to:

  1. Identify Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs): These surveys locate and assess the presence and condition of ACMs within a building or facility.
  2. Risk Assessment: They determine the risk level associated with the identified ACMs based on their condition, accessibility, and potential for disturbance.
  3. Safe Management: Asbestos Management Surveys provide recommendations for the safe management of ACMs, which may include monitoring, encapsulation, or removal by licensed professionals.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with asbestos regulations and guidelines is essential to avoid legal consequences and protect the health of occupants and workers.

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