macclesfield tennis club house

Client: Macclesfield Tennis Club – Asbestos Testing Macclesfield

Project: Asbestos Survey Macclesfield to the Club House, Garage and Cabin.  Samples taken of textured coating, cement and paint.

Location:   Asbestos Surveys and Asbestos Testing in Macclesfield

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The Go-To Experts for Asbestos Surveys in Sports Complexes

🏟 Specialized in Sports Complexes: At Knight Specialist Services Ltd, we’ve carved a niche in conducting thorough asbestos surveys specifically for sports complexes. From local gymnasiums to expansive stadiums, our expertise covers a wide range of sporting facilities. See our RECENT WORK HERE

🤝 Understanding Unique Needs: Sports complexes have unique structures, uses, and challenges. Our team is well-versed with these specificities, ensuring our asbestos surveys are tailored, comprehensive, and aligned with the safety requirements of such facilities.

Trusted by Major Complexes: Over the years, we’ve been trusted by numerous sports facilities for our meticulous surveys, timely services, and actionable recommendations including Macclesfield Tennis Club.

🔍 Comprehensive Surveys: Our detailed surveys examine all areas of sports complexes – from locker rooms, seating areas, to concession stands and administrative offices, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

🏀 Safety First: Athletes, coaches, staff, and spectators deserve a safe environment. Our surveys ensure that sports complexes remain a space of health, athleticism, and enjoyment, free from the risks posed by asbestos.

Asbestos Surveys – Just 30 Minutes from Macclesfield!

📍 Close Proximity to Macclesfield: Located a mere half-hour from Macclesfield, we are your most accessible choice for comprehensive asbestos surveys. Whether it’s an urgent requirement or a scheduled survey, our proximity ensures timely service.

🚗 Quick Response Times: Being so close to Macclesfield allows us to be on-site promptly. No long waits, no scheduling hassles. We’re here when you need us.

🏡 Local Expertise: Our regular operations around the Macclesfield area have given us a unique understanding of the local architecture, construction materials, and specific asbestos-related challenges.

🤝 Building Trust, One Visit at a Time: Our frequent interactions with Macclesfield residents and businesses have enabled us to establish a trustworthy reputation. We’re not just service providers; we’re your nearby asbestos experts.

We are working with local communities and companies to ensure their compliance on asbestos –

We not only carry out Asbestos Surveys in the Macclesfield area, we carryout Single Sampling of Asbestos for as little as £150.00 including VAT. Macclesfield is a stone throw away from us, with our team being located in Gee Cross.  Asbestos Testing is crucial to determine if Asbestos Materials are present in your commercial property in Macclesfield, or your Home in Macclesfield. We can put your mind at ease and have an Asbestos Tester in Macclesfield within 20 minutes to inspect the suspect asbestos material, sample and provide you with an asbestos report and asbestos test result within 24 hours.